What is Blizzard Entertainment



In 1996, the first Diablo video game was launched, and it rapidly became popular. The kingdom of Khanduras, a gothic country ravaged by demonic forces, was shown to the players. The Lord of Terror, Diablo, was faced by the heroes as they descended into the depths of a cathedral that had been transformed into a horrific dungeon.


The 2000 release of Diablo II built upon the success of its predecessor. The multiplayer experience was improved, the globe was bigger, and there were more character classes. To destroy Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal—the three Prime Evils—players set out on a quest. 2 Diablo




 A pioneer of esports, the game also experienced tremendous success in the multiplayer arena.


The 1998 expansion pack StarCraft: Brood War carried on the narrative and introduced new units, maps, and




With a focus on different squad compositions and excellent communication, the game stresses collaboration, coordination, and strategy.


Characters with various backgrounds, nationalities, and skill sets make up the roster of Overwatch heroes. Damage dealers (DPS), tanks, and supports are the three categories into which each hero is placed. On a range of maps placed in various environments, players must cooperate to secure goals, push payloads, or defend crucial spots.


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