How to Get Instant Traction on TikTok: 7 Effective Strategies

TikTok has come a long way and taken the world by storm. Over a billion people use the platform today! As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, so is the competition. Many brands and marketers leverage the platform to stand out from their respective industries. TikTok provides you with an immense opportunity to expose you to a diverse audience. 

So, how do you harness the platform’s power and get instant traction?

Let’s begin with an instance. A horse of a different color hits everyone’s attention, right? Let’s apply this. If something sounds unique, audiences tend to check it out. So, use the online article rewriter tool to arouse the immediate attention of the audience. 

Now, it’s time to dive into more effective tips. 

1 Keep It Short

Though TikTok allows you to upload 10-minute-long videos, go for videos under 30 seconds. To make them watch till the end, start with a hook. Grab the audience’s attention in the first 5 seconds. 

On top of that, ensure your content is engaging and interesting. The basic principle must be to boost the likes and shares of the video. Furthermore, you can also try a loop video to gain multiple views. 

2 Hop on Trends

Since a trend or challenge already has a fan base, hopping on trends expedites the process of getting instant attention. Plus, making content on hot topics snags the eyeballs of your potential audience and results in higher engagement. 

When you opt for a trending challenge, infuse your signature spin to outstrip the crowd. Remember, just because something is trending, don’t put it into effect unthinkingly, as it creates a randomness in your profile. 

3 Use Trending Hashtags

While using trending hashtags, aim for quality, not quantity. Choose 3-6 hashtags that are relevant to your video. When you do so, your video is more likely to be picked by the algorithm and increase the chance of hitting FYP. 

Hashtags are used to categorize your video and increase your content discoverability. On the flip side, if you overstuff or use irrelevant hashtags, it may end up confusing the TikTok algorithm.   

4 Make Duets 

Making duets is a simple but extremely powerful strategy to create a win-win situation on TikTok. A duet is a fantastic method to generate buzz around your account and garner popularity in a short period.  

With duets, you can split-screen and make videos of singing, create a funny dialogue, or give your take on hot topics. Also, you can create a reaction video of a popular video to gain more views.   

5 Network With Influencers

One of the common strategies to gain attention on TikTok is collaborating with influencers. As a result of perfect collaboration, you can expand the exposure of your account to their existing dedicative following. 

In addition, you can earn trust and credibility effortlessly. In turn, influencers’ following turns into your following in no time. That way, you can access potential audiences and yield measurable results. 

Pro Tip: Posting when everyone is sleeping makes nothing. Check out TikTok analytics and find the right time to post. 

6 Word Your Caption Smartly

To get the instant spark, drafting an interesting caption is a must-do. With a 4000-character caption limit, TikTok gives you enough room to snatch the attention. An effective caption should be intriguing and resonate with your audience. 

In order to hasten the process, use a free article rewriter tool that rewrites your caption and whips up to drive the audience to take your desired action. Additionally, it makes your content jump out from the crowd. 

7 Promote Across Other Platforms

Cross-promoting your TikTok content is an essential step to increase the reach of your content and attract more potential audiences who are spread across other social media platforms. 

Now, what you have to do is attach a little snippet of your TikTok video with embedded links to other social media handles. If the video captivates the users for a fraction of a second, they click the link and watch the full video. 

Benefits of Implementing These Strategies

Implementing these strategies not only aids you in attaining instant traction but also has a multitude of benefits. They are the following,

  • Build online presence 
  • Gain more followers
  • Drive website traffic
  • Yield profits to business  
  • Attract new prospects
  • Generate leads
  • Earn credibility and trustworthiness

In a Nutshell

As TikTok’s algorithm constantly changes, there is no surefire formula to top the trending. But sticking to these simple strategies constantly will result in getting instant attention. Over time, your content bags a top spot on the FYP page! As a consequence, you get to build cult-like followings. Eventually, you can crack the thorny path of superstardom easily!

Now, you know what to do. Time is ticking! Beat the clock and be a TikTok star!

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