Discover the Advantages of Whiteboard Videos: Unlocking the Power of Visual Communication

You might have heard about the benefits of whiteboard videos. If you have not, you can learn about them if you read this post till the end. Besides, whiteboard animation videos can explain topics to the target audience in a fun and engaging way.
Put differently, whiteboard-style videos are equally great to entertain and teach. People love these video types because of their potential to easily explain complex concepts. Nowadays, whiteboard explainer videos are prevalently popular as instructional videos.
Next, we shall dive into the diverse benefits of whiteboard animation videos.

Various Advantages of Creative Whiteboard Videos

Great for Valuable and Corporate Training

Whiteboard animation videos make for great valuable and corporate training material. These short and sweet videos can effectively communicate information to the target audience. For the same reason, institutes and companies utilize these videos to train students and employees, respectively. Whiteboard explainer videos serve as a perfect medium of learning because of their visual appeal and unique style. Besides, corporate sectors often use these videos to explain their business ideas and train the staff.

Boost Knowledge Retention

You can use professional whiteboard videos in a number of ways. For instance, you can use them to teach, engage, or inspire your target audience. Indeed, whiteboard animation videos are a powerful tool to use for educational purposes. Unlike other content, watching these videos allow viewers to retain more information they get from them. According to research, “people retain more information from text with a combination of videos and animations rather than text only.” Thus, it is understandable how whiteboard-style videos boost knowledge retention.

Ameliorate Understanding of Complex Concepts

Whiteboard animation videos allow students, in particular, to easily understand complex concepts. Not to mention, institutes have been using these videos for education for more than a decade now. The ability of whiteboard animation to simplify complex concepts makes them a great medium for learning. Whiteboard explainer videos are beneficial to use for learning for kids who are visual learners. It is because kids better understand concepts after seeing them as compared to hearing them.

Quickly Deliver the Important Information

Whiteboard-style videos can quickly convey important information to the audience plus assimilate them better. When you combine such videos with a perfect voice-over and music, they become more effective. Unlike common animated videos, you can deliver information in less time to your audience with whiteboard videos. Due to the power of whiteboard explainer videos to quickly convey important information, they generate more conversions. It is also one of the reasons why businesses often invest in these videos.

Easy to Customize

Among the prominent advantages of whiteboard animation videos, one is that they are easy to customize. Put differently, you can easily include or remove content from these videos. It is possible because animators create each element separately to come up with whiteboard explainer videos. Thus, animators do not need to create the storyboard again to modify whiteboard animation videos. Using animation software, you can personalize your message or change any details in a whiteboard video.

Engage the Audience in a Novel Way

You can tell a story through the combination of images, animation, music, and voice-over with a whiteboard video. Moreover, a well-crafted explainer video in this format successfully captures and holds the audience’s attention because of its visual appeal. Surely, whiteboard-style videos are great for businesses to use to engage the audience with their products in a novel way. Not to mention, you can use engaging content, such as whiteboard explainer videos, for educational or entertainment purposes.

Great to Educate Students in K-12 (Kindergarten to 12)

Whiteboard explainer videos are helpful in a series of ways to educate students. These videos are great to educate students in K-12 who learn by writing, reading, and drawing. They are a perfect medium to educate K-12 students in the same manner. When students watch these videos, they imagine they are sitting in front of a teacher teaching them new concepts. You can engage students in fun activities with the aid of animated videos in whiteboard style. Put simply, whiteboard-style videos are the best videos to educate students in school, in particular, and let them retain information.

Possible to Archive

Institutes and corporate bodies need to archive whiteboard-style videos to use them for future references, storage, and recovery. Moreover, it is important in the education system, in particular, to retrieve files for future use. It is because education is a field that entails continuous learning and information transfer. Luckily, whiteboard animation videos are possible to archive as you can store them on a server, similar to other videos. It allows specific individuals to get access to these videos when they need them. Storing whiteboard explainer videos on a computer allows these videos to last for many years, similar to old files.

Effective Tool to Use Time and Again

Whiteboard-style videos are an excellent tool to use for education and marketing because you can use them time and again. For instance, students can continuously watch these videos for learning purposes, and teachers can frequently use them for classroom presentations. In addition, businesses can use these videos as an ongoing tool to showcase their products and services to the audience. Whiteboard-style videos are reusable, which makes them an excellent tool to consistently assist students, in particular.

Provide Businesses with Access to International Customers

Whiteboard-style videos allow businesses to reach international customers. For instance, businesses can distribute their whiteboard explainer videos online to reach thousands of their customers locally and internationally. Moreover, it is particularly beneficial for businesses without funds for large-scale advertising campaigns. Thus, placing whiteboard animation videos on the website is really worth it for small businesses to reach international customers. Not to mention, the same video types offer massive potential for big companies to grow and expand.

In addition to these benefits, placing a whiteboard video on your site will reduce the bounce rate on it. They are attractive, engaging, and impactful videos for visual communication. Therefore, you can understand how these videos can reduce the bounce rate on your website.


Whiteboard-style videos offer many benefits; furthermore, they are widely popular nowadays as instructional videos. Institutes and corporate bodies invest in the best whiteboard videos because of their diverse benefits. Whiteboard-style videos are great for training, knowledge retention, explaining complex concepts, and much more. Moreover, placing a whiteboard-style video on your website will significantly decrease its bounce rate. Whiteboard animation videos are a powerful medium for visual communication; thus, education systems organizations, and corporate bodies invest in them. To finish, whiteboard-style videos are worth the investment because of the many benefits they offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Create an Effective Whiteboard Animation Video?
A1. You can create effective whiteboard animation videos if your content is easy-to-understand, clear, and concise. In addition, effective whiteboard videos have smooth and continuous animations, in addition to music reflecting the theme of the video. Last but not least, effective whiteboard videos are short and have a clear CTA (Call to Action).

Q2. Why Are Whiteboard Videos Effective?
A2. Whiteboard animation videos are effective for various reasons, which we have summarized below:
They effectively deliver a message to the audience.
Additionally, they can communicate complex topics with a higher level of engagement and retention.

Q3. How Long Should a Whiteboard Explainer Video Be?
A3. When it comes to whiteboard explainer videos, the shorter is better, similar to other explainer videos. It is best that you keep the length of the whiteboard-style video to 30 to 90 seconds. Moreover, it will allow your audience to better retain the information they get through your video.

Q4. How Long Will It Take to Create a Whiteboard Video?
A4. The time it takes for animators to create a whiteboard-style video is contingent on the information it must contain. Creating a whiteboard video of 30 seconds will take less time than creating a 90 seconds video. Thus, animators can take a week or a month, and more to produce these videos.

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